Events - Manitoba Camera Club

2017 Manitoba Photo Events Committee:

(from Lower right clockwise):

Mike Grandmaison(Honorary Chairperson 2017),

Candace Gordon, Dave Brosha, Terumi Kuwadi(MCC Rep),

Harry Johnson, Lou Milhausen(MCC Rep),

Dave Benson, Marlis Steinke.

Dave Brosha was inspiring. He shared several short slide shows of his work to highlight points in his lecture. Particularly touching was the session "Family Matters". Dave talked about the importance of family photos and how these images become treasures later on in life.

Sunday two workshops were held. One on Portraiture at the Fire Fighters Museum of Winnipeg and the other on Landscape photography at Birds Hill Park. The weather was perfect for the landscape session.

Dave Brosha visited us on

Saturday, April 29 & 30, 2017!

If you are unfamiliar with Dave Brosha, you can follow him on Facebook, or through the following links:

on Facebook - "Dave Brosha Photography"

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